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Class Action

Federal Complaint against State of Michigan Michigan State Police alleging unlawful discrimination in its hiring practices for the failure to hire African Americans, spanish-surnamed individuals, and women. Along with the complaint is the consent decree entered into between the State and the Department of Justice, the Stipulated Order to Amend the Consent Decree, and the Motion to Dissolve the Consent Decree. In the “Motion for Class Certification”: Our submitted motion to the Court to certify our proposed class of all African-American applicants for the position of Michigan State Trooper at any time on or after December 8, 2012 who received a score of “2” on the Pre-Screening Interview. Particularly, Exhibit M is our Expert’s Report finding disparate impact. There are two different complaints. One is in the Carter matter where we have filed our motion for class certification. The other is in the Bell matter, which is only brought against the Michigan Civil Service Commission, who administer the Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam, alleging a disparate impact against African Americans in said exam. Finally, there is a single page from our expert showing a disparate impact based on the levels of failure between Caucasians and African American exam takers.

Document 1: Consent Decree

Document 2: DOJ Complaint

Document 3: Joint Motion to Dissolve CD

Document 4: Stip to Amend Consent Decree